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8oz of our amazing honey, 100% pure, 100% raw, 100% natural and 100% local with no additives or preservatives. Our farm is located upland of Waialua, just to the North East of mount Ka'ala, which is Oahu's highest mountaintop. We are fortunate to be adjacent to Ka'ala and the mostly untouched forest reserves surrounding the mountain. Our honeybees work to collect pollen and nectar up to five miles away from their hives creating a unique honey to this spot that can't be duplicated. Those in the local community are able to enjoy the mixture of forage that the bees use to boost their immune systems, and anyone can appreciate the taste and flavors unique in our honey.

Sustainably farmed and produced, we take great care to ensure our honey is pure and untouched from the hive's honeycomb to the glass bottles we use sealed with a natural cork and dipped in our beeswax for an authentic, natural, tamper-resistant seal.

8oz Hawaii Honey

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